Paraíso Real State

Can you imagine acquiring a large property at a bargain price to build a residential complex on top of paradise?

A tract with 1,647,610 square feet or 37 Acres for the price of $4 million and appraised at $8,447,885.

Residential Development with over $20 millions in sales.

Los Novios in Paraíso de Cartago, located in a strategic place in Cartago, Costa Rica. It is one of the favored suburbs to live in for people who work in San Jose. It has the best views in the area specially the view of Ujarras Valley with the historical church and great Panoramic view of lake Cachí, flat topography, access to public streets and lighting, with the possibility of easily installing drinking water, electricity, and other public services.

What could you build on this property?

  • A luxury residential with 174 lots of up to 700 m2.
  • 4 condominiums with 3 floors of 240 apartments.
  • A clubhouse with gym and park.

Mark a before and after in your career as a real estate investor or real estate developer by acquiring this beautiful farm for half its real value!


-Extension: Tract size is 37 acres.
-Price: $4 million (+5% commission to the realtor)
-Public services: Zone of access to drinking water, telephone, and electricity.
-Other advantages: Great climate and atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation.
Are you still in doubt as to whether you should invest in this property located in Paraíso de
Cartago? Here we share 5 reasons to buy the land immediately.


1.Connectivity. Paraíso de Cartago is a favored suburb outside of San Jose, to live being
just 45 minutes from San José, the capital of Costa Rica, and 7 km from downtown
Cartago, with public transportation options and roads in good condition. It is a very
accessible area.
2. Logistics facilities. Being so close to the city, in just minutes you can find bank
branches, medical centers, supermarkets, shops, universities, and other establishments.
There is also telephone and Internet access.
3. Scenic beauty. His name says it all. Paraíso de Cartago is an earthly paradise,
surrounded by mountains, with views of Lake Cachí and very close to the Orosi Valley
(with spas and viewpoints), the Lankester Botanical Garden, the Turrialba Volcano, and
the Irazu Volcano.

4. Tourist and recreational attractions: The famous volcano Irazu is one of the favorite
tourist attractions. A few kilometers away, without leaving Cartago, are the ruins of the
Durán Sanatorium, the Savegre Reserve, the Municipal Museum, a park for mountain
biking, the Pacuare River (where you can practice rafting), the La Marta Wildlife
Reserve, and, for the more religious, we cannot forget that this property is relatively
close to the famous Basilica of the Virgin of Los Angeles, patron saint of Costa
5. In continuous development. Due precisely to its cool climate, tourist attractions and
commercial options, Cartago is a province in continuous development and real estate
growth because people love to live there. It is a city with a thriving economy.